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Fixed Bill Internet

Our GoWireless plans give Corporate companies and SMEs the freedom to use the Internet for one month. For any chosen Tigo plan will provide you with a modem, or a phone for free (Model depending on selected plan). From GoWireless 6 to higher plans, Tigo will provide you with a FREE router in addition to the modem. All you have to do is choose a plan that suits you and receive your allocated volume at the beginning of every calender month. This means that there are no unexpected bills at the end of the month since you pay a fixed bill.

You will be happy to know that should you exceed your allocated monthly volume (Gigabytes), you can recharge you account with your Tigo scratch card or any other recharge option available and your usage will be charged as per the tariffs below (per Megabyte)


GoWireless 1 Frw 10,000 1.5 Frw 6.7
GoWireless 2 Frw 20,000 7 Frw 2.86
GoWireless 3 Frw 30,000 10.5 Frw 2.86
GoWireless 4 Frw 40,000 14 Frw 2.86
GoWireless 5 Frw 50,000 20 Frw 2.50
GoWireless 6 Frw 75,000 30 Frw 2.50
GoWireless 7 Frw 100,000 40 Frw 2.50
GoWireless 8 Frw 150,000 60 Frw 2.50
  • To activate your GoWireless plan, you will be requested to sign an 18 month contract and make an initial 2 month security deposit.
  • Each month, your account will be topped up with its monthly volume entitlement as per above plans.