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International Top Ups

Airtime from the World to you

Ask your loved ones for a reload from anywhere in the world to your Tigo line. Tigo subscribers in Rwanda are only one click away from their family and friends across the world.

With Tigo International Reloads all Tigo prepaid lines can receive airtime from any country in the world. The reloads are done on the online portals of our Partner Networks or through the thousands of affliated outlets worldwide. Thanks to Tigo International Reloads you don't have to stop talking to the people who matter the most. To send an International Reload to a Tigo line, please visit one of the portals below and follow the instructions.

  1. iSend
  2. Transfer To


Frquently Asked Questions

Who can receive an International Reload from abroad?

All Tigo prepaid users can receive International Reloads for their number.

How do I send an International Reload?

International Reloads sent with an online transaction using a credit card; however both "iSend" and "Transfer To" have thousands of outlets worldwide where transactions can be done in local currency cash.

Are International Reloads safe?

Tigo International Reloads are 100% safe and done with the highest standards of International regulation.

For more information on the service and points of sale, please visit TransferTo and iSend