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Postpaid FAQs

What are the requirements for joining Postpaid?


  • Certified copy of the National ID, Passport (or equivalent acceptable identification)
  • Certified copy of residence/work permit for non-citizens
  • Physical address
  • Letters from two references with their contact details
    (existing Tigo Postpaid subscriber, Advocate, Banker or Employer)
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Security deposit on the requested Plan
  • Sign a contract form for 18 months or 24 months depending on the Plan

  Government, Government Agencies and Embassies

  • Letter requesting for the services from relevant authority
  • Government-/Embassy-issued ID for the contact person
  • Physical address (must be verified)
  • Security deposit on the requested Plan

  Business (Corporate, NGOs, SMEs, Sole Traders and Unincorporated Entities)

  • Copy of Business License
  • Copy of VAT & TIN Registration
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Company letterhead with full names and signatures of the company's signatories
  • Certified copy of passport and residence permit of signatories
  • Security deposit on the requested Plan
  • Physical address (must be verified)
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months 

How do I get activated on Postpaid? 
You just need to visit any of our Shops with all the requirements and will fill out an application form for activation. Corporate activations will require visits by the corporate team before activation. 

Who do apply for Postpaid?
It is open to all the prepaid customers and new customers wanting to join Postpaid services. 

How long is the contract period?
The contract is between 18months and 24months depending on the Plan and can be renewed. 

How fast can I get my account activated?
The account is activated as soon as all the required documents have been submitted and the application form has been filled. 

Who can I contact in case of any query about my account?
You should call our Call Centre number 100; we have dedicated team to serve you anytime. 

How do I get my monthly bills?
You are required to provide an e-mail address while filling the application form through which your bills will be sent every month.

Where can I pay my bills?
You can visit any of our Shops for bill payment. 

Can I pay my bills through bank deposit/transfer or Tigo Pesa?
Yes, you can pay the bills via Tigo Pesa using Wakala code 13263 if you are registered with Tigo Pesa as well as Direct Bank deposits. 

Can I pay my bills in advance? 
Yes you can make advance payment that will be deposited in your account. 

Can I use my current number on Postpaid? 
Yes, the same existing prepaid number can be used on Postpaid and you can as well get the same number from a different provider with a new Tigo code. 

Can I change my account from Postpaid to Prepaid?
Yes, you can make the changes and vice versa; however the change requests are subject to existing Tigo's Terms and Conditions.