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Tigo Cash to KCB Account

Transfer money between your KCB account and Tigo Cash

Customers have the capacity of sending money through Tigo Cash to any KCB account. With this new service, you are able to withdraw money from your KCB account after linking it with your Tigo Cash account. This service is available at all KCB branches nationwide.

To use this service, dial *200*11# and choose one of the following options:

Choose Option 1 - KCB

To send money

  1. Choose option 1: Send money to bank
  2. Enter Bank Account number
  3. Enter amount to transfer 
  4. Enter you PIN

​To withdraw money from your bank account

First link your bank account to your Tigo Cash account by visiting any KCB branch near you

  1. Dial *200*11# and choose option 1-KCB
  2. Choose option 2: Withdraw money from bank
  3. Enter bank account number
  4. Enter amount to transfer
  5. Enter your PIN

​Link your bank account to your Tigo Cash account

First visit any KCB branch near you to have your account linked and then follow the steps below: 

  1. Dial *200*11# and choose Option 1 - KCB
  2. Choose Option 3 - Link your bank to Tigo Cash
  3. Enter bank account number 
  4. Enter your PIN