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VIP Services


Do you spend more than Frw 10,000 a month on your calls? Then you can become a Tigo VIP and save money!

Tigo VIP is the plan from Tigo that gives you more benefits at lower rates. If you are a young entrepreneur, if you are tired of running out of credit in those critical moments or if you want to save even more money on your communication; then you should apply for a Tigo VIP plan.


This unique business solution extends the benefits of a single VIP plan to the whole of your company allowing you to save more money by keeping your staff connected with unlimited calls to each other.

You just need to activate a minimum of 5 VIP plans for your company and reuest the Close User Group (CUG) product from one of our sales representatives.

Additionally Tigo VIP Corporate allows you to register prepaid lines inside your group, allowing them to also make unlimited calls to all the lines within the group. The maximum number of prepaid lines that you can register within your CUG is the number of VIP active lines in your group.

Example: If you have 7 VIP lines, you can also register 7 Prepaid lines.

You can register different VIP plans within the same group; the only condition is that there should be a minimum of 5 VIP lines registered. 

How to activate

Visit any Tigo Service Centre near you and register for this money - saving solution, or call the Tigo Call Centre on 100.

How Tigo VIP works

First off, choose a monthly plan that suits your needs and budget. Once you've made your choice, the Airtime assigned to that plan will be added at the start of every month. If you exhaust your credit before month's end, you can recharge your account with Tigo scratch cards or Tigo eGO and keep talking on your plan's rate.


  1.  2 months deposit
  2. Backup information for the activation department
  3. 18 month contract

Tigo VIP Data

Access your world with Tigo's fast 4G LTE USB Modems or any Internet enabled phone anywhere. Tigo 4G gives you Internet access so you can stay connected to the web even on the move. You can browse the net, check eMails and so much more.