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Who we are

  • Providing innovative digital services for Rwanda
  • Launched in December 2009
  • Reached two million subscribers in October 2013
  • Offers GSM, 2G and 3G services to our subscribers alongside Mobile Financial Services
  • Pioneered the world's first Mobile Money Transfer Service with currency conversion
  • Invested $310 million since launch in Rwanda
  • Trained over 1,300 staff in 2013
  • Employs over 200 staff directly and 200 indirectly
  • Paid $13.3 million in taxes in 2013

Tigo is Rwanda's second largest mobile network

Tigo is a subsidiary of Millicom, a Swedish company dedicated to investing in Rwanda's digital innovation space. We launched in December 2009 and are today, the second largest telecommunication company in Rwanda with over two million subscribers. We were Millicom's first African operation to launch 3G Internet for our subscribers, extending digital inclusion to thousands of Rwandans.

We are a digital lifestyle innovator

We are more than just a mobile phone operator, we are a digital lifestyle provider and we help our customers find solutions to everyday needs by opening up the digital world. Tigo has expanded its digital offer accross the country with a wide range of products and services.

Through our partnership with the Ministry of Youth & ICT, we have increased public access to digital products for Rwandans by providing Free WiFi on public buses in Kigali. In the first half of 2014, over 16,000 commuters have already enjoyed the Free WiFi helping them to better connect with their friends and family. 

Our Mobile Financial Services bring banking to people who have never had a bank account. In 2011, Millicom launched Tigo Cash, the best way to send, receive money and make payments by mobile. By October 2013, 36% of our subscribers were active Tigo Cash users. Our subscribers can deposit or withdraw money, pay electricity and water bills or school fee via text message. Tigo Cash not only makes banking easier, but also helps Rwanda move towards a cashless and paperless economy with financial inclusion. It has been recognised by the GSMA as one of the top five fastest - growing MFS businesses in the world.

Tigo constantly strives to build upon our digital products - which is why we introduced in June 2013 our new "Tigo-Matic" machines in Rwanda. Through "Tigo-Matic" our customers can deposit money, purchase airtime and receive money safely and efficiently 24 hours a day. We have also made International Mobile Money transfers easier for our subscribers. In February 2014, we introduced the world's first International Mobile Money Service with currency conversion between Tigo Rwanda and Tigo Tanzania.

Tigo's contributions to Rwanda's economic growth

Tigo is a catalyst for growth, not only through our services, but through our direct investment into the local economy and its people. That's why 94% of our staff are locally hired, reflecting our strong commitment to developing the long - term skills of the local workforce. We also recently announced our plans to invest $80 million in Tigo Rwanda over the next five years. Tigo is proud to be a responsible contributor to Rwanda's economy via our tax and investments. Since our launch, we have invested $310 million in Rwanda, and in 2013 we paid $13.3 million in taxes and invested $19.7 million in Rwanda's economic development.

Tigo opens doors for Rwandan entrepreneurs

Tigo Rwanda is engaged in a number of projects aimed at improving the lives of Rwandans and supporting local entrepreneurs. We are working in partnership with the City of Kigali to install 52 "Knowledge rooms" across the city, providing television and Internet access.

These have developed into central gathering points for communities of Kigali, providing them with real - time contact and information.

Tigo is currently working to empower women in Rwanda through our new programme in which participating women will have the opportunity to increase their earnings by  becoming Tigo Cash agents. This will give them access to loans and hands - on business and financial literacy training to help them expand their businesses.

We are committed to developing digital awareness and engagement among the young generations within Rwanda. In partnership with the Ministry of Youth & ICT, we hosted "YouthConnekt", an interactive forum that gave young Rwandans the opportunity to contribute, debate and discuss the country's development agenda.

Tigo actively supports initiatives to develop new digital solutions through our Tech Incubator think. which we invested $1 million in March 2014. think is the base from which a small number of high potential entrepreneurs are selected in a competitive selection process. Winners then receive seed financing, structured training and coaching programmes.

We have also made learning a new language possible via a mobile phone. Through Tigo Rwanda's new Edume English service, our customers will have access to a low - cost mobile English language learning course, regardless of when or where they are. Edume English combines listening, reading and speaking training through text lessons, quizzes and audio sessions where students select courses that gradually increase in difficulty.

Tigo's excellence has been recognised by its peers

  • Tigo Rwanda received Ovum's "Innovation of the Month" award for Tigo-Matic
  • Tigo Rwanda was awarded Best Telecom and Best Internet Provider by The Service Magazine