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Facebook Flex

Facebook Flex FAQs


Q.  How is Facebook Flex different from regular Facebook?

A. This version of Facebook allows people to flexibly move between two modes – free mode and data mode. Free mode is a lightweight version of Facebook where you can post, comment, like, and       chat for free. 

To view photos or videos, switch to data mode (full Facebook) by clicking the “View Photos” button. You will be charged for data (MBs) in this mode. Go back to free mode any time by clicking the “Go to Free” button.


Q. Will I have access to Facebook Flex even if I do not have an airtime/data balance?

A. The free mode of the Facebook Flex service can be accessed without data charges, therefore, when you have run out of data or airtime, you are able to enjoy the free mode of Facebook.


Q. Who is eligible for Facebook Flex and how do I access it?

A. All Tigo users can enjoy Facebook for free by default via Facebook Flex.

To access Facebook Flex, customers can go to using a mobile browser on a data-capable phone with a Tigo SIM card. All major mobile browsers, such as Google Chrome, Android browser, Opera Mini, and Safari are supported. Internet Explorer mobile browser and Firefox browser for Android may be supported but are not guaranteed to be supported. WAP browsers are not supported.

Alternatively, customers can access Facebook Flex through the Facebook Android app. The core Facebook Flex feature is supported in the Facebook Android app version 43+ (released Oct 2015). Some user interface improvements were made in version 61+ (released Feb 2016). But the core toggling functionality between free mode and paid mode is available in version 43+.

Facebook iOS app, Facebook Windows Phone app, and Facebook BlackBerry app are not supported. Customers using these operating systems would need to use a supported mobile browser to access Facebook Flex.


Q. When I use Facebook Flex, I can see photos. Am I being charged?

A. If you are in free mode, you are not being charged. You can check if you are in free mode by looking at the top of your Facebook.

 For new Facebook users or Facebook users that haven’t used Facebook in a while (last 30 days), you may still be able to see photos in free mode. This is a temporary promotion for your first 30 days on Facebook. Once these 30 days are complete, you will no longer be able to see photos in free mode.


Q. How can I view the full Facebook experience? 

A. You can view the full Facebook experience with photos and videos by clicking on “See Photos” button, which switches you to data mode. Keep in mind that standard data charges will apply. You can go back to free mode anytime by clicking the “Go to Free” button.


Q. How do I opt out of using Facebook Flex?

A. On the initial screen that invites you to participate, simply click “No Thanks” instead of “Continue.” (See Facebook Flex “General User Flow” below, screen #1.) 


Q. What if I initially clicked “No Thanks” to Facebook Flex but now I want to use it?

A. If you’re using the Facebook Android app, visit your bookmarks within the Facebook app and click “Facebook Flex” under Favorites. If using, go to your Facebook menu and click “Facebook Flex” under Favorites.  (See “Facebook Flex Opt-In/Opt-Out” screens in row two.)


Q. What if I started using Facebook Flex but now I don’t want to use it anymore?

A. To opt-out of Facebook Flex: When in data mode, click on the “?” next to “You’re in Data Mode.” (See “Facebook Flex Opt-In/Opt-Out” screens in row one.)

You can also visit your Facebook bookmarks (if using the Facebook Android app) or Facebook menu (if using to opt-out.


Q. Is Facebook Messenger free in Facebook Flex?

A. Parts of Facebook Messenger are free. The customer is able to send/receive text and upload/view photos. Uploading and watching videos through Messenger is not free and the customer will be charged. Also, voice calls through Facebook Messenger are not free.


Q. If I click a link in Facebook Flex, is it free?

A. No. In Facebook Flex, you can chat, like, comment, post, share, and upload photos for free. If you want to view photos, watch videos, read articles, or make voice calls in Messenger, you will be charged your standard data rate by Tigo. If you try and click on a photo/video/link, you will be warned with a popup telling you that you are leaving free mode and will be charged at your standard rate.


Q. I registered for Facebook Flex with my Tigo number, can I still access Facebook flex from a different operator?

A. If you access Facebook with a non-Tigo number, you will not receive Facebook Flex. Facebook Flex is exclusive to all Tigo users.


Q. I registered for Facebook with my Tigo number, now I cannot access Facebook Flex, Why?

A. Facebook Flex is available to all Tigo users. Please restart the Facebook Android App or refresh your Facebook on mobile browser, Facebook Flex should appear. If you are not able to see Facebook Flex, please call our customer care at 456 or 100.