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Frequently questions

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    1 What is Easy BIZ?

    Easybiz is a prepaid closed user group that does not require contract

    2 Easy BIZ Sales Pitch: Get more for the same (Savings on your communication budget)

    • Employees in your company have an advantage of CUG (Caller user group); the CUG allows unlimited calls and sms among the employees only for a minimum of 1,000 Rwf as Monthly fee.
    • Additional airtime is used to make calls to all other destinations (local, national and international); the rates are as low as 10Rwf/ Min for on-net calls.
    • The subscriber on Easy BIZ can purchase any TIGO packs without any limitation.
    • No contract nor invoice at the end of the month. Your line will never be disconnected for non-payment.

    3 Who is eligible for CUG?

    Call user group is a facility that allows people in the same group to enjoy discounted tariffs on calls and sms’s. A CUG in this case belong to a same company.

    4 What are the requirements to subscribe on Easy BIZ?

    • A registered company or organization.
    RDB document for private companies.
    RGB document for NGOs.
    RCA document for cooperatives.
    • Must be 2 lines or more that belong to people working in same company.
    • Produce a valid copy of the Company’s TIN certificate.
    • Filled, signed and stamped application form. (The signatory must be the authorize authority).
    • List of members telephone numbers.
    • At least Frw 5,000 of recharge per each number.

    General Questions

    General Questions

    1 Activate your phone and make your first call.

    Ensure the battery of your phone is charged
    Insert your SIM card and turn on your phone
    As soon as you see the Tigo Network indicator at the top of your phone screen, you are ready to make or receive calls

    2 Know my number

    Just go to your phone menu > go to messages > click on New SMS and use your keypad to type the letter N and send to 7410 to receive your number. This message is free

    3 Recharge with Balance

    Recharge cards and/or ePIN (electronic recharge) are available in our outlets through distributors and street vendors. You can recharge from as low as Frw 90 through ePIN or Frw 300 with Recharge cards. Simply type *130* followed by the 15 digit code (scratch silver foil to reveal) followed by # and then press send.

    4 Check your balance.

    Type *131# and send. You will immediately receive your account status via SMS.

    5 International Calls.

    To make International calls, dial + followed by the country code and number. Example: +250 722 xxx xxx

    6 Send an SMS.

    You can send an SMS at very affordable rates by going to your phone menu, go to Messages, click on compose SMS, use your keypad to write the nessage you want and when you are done, you can send it.

    7 International SMS.

    You can send an International SMS at very affordable rates by going to your phone menu, go to Messages, click on compose SMS, and typing your International reciepient's number (country code followed by number) use your keypad to write the nessage you want and when you are done, you can send it.

    Tigo Internet

    Tigo Internet

    1 What can I do with 7 GB?

    Browse through different web pages, download over 2,300 MP3 songs, download 10 movies, send 1,400 eMails each with an attachment

    2 Do I have to buy a package in order to access the Internet?

    You do not have to buy a pack to access Tigo Internet however, packs are more affordable if you are a regular Internet user.

    Tigo Cash

    Tigo Cash

    1 What's a Tigo Cash PIN

    You require your Tigo Cash PIN for every transaction you do using your Tigo Cash account
    You must keep your PIN secret and should therefore choose a combination that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess.
    Do not share your Tigo Cash PIN with anyone, not even Tigo staff. You can change your PIN at anytime from the Tigo Cash menu on your phone
    Your PIN is valid for one year and can be changed on the menu. Dial *500# and choose Option 5

    General questions 7

    General questions 7

      Mobile Number Portability

      Mobile Number Portability

        Smart Apps

        Smart Apps

        1 question


        2 question


        3 Does the cancellation of Stand Alone and Add on immediate?

        Yes, but the app will be available until the last day of the month , since the charge to bill became effective in 100%.

        4 When I can make the change between APP and other ?

        When you want but take effect after 30 days computable from you date you activated the APP that you are exchanging .

        5 How is Smart Apps few licenses available Tigo my line ?

        You can check the amount of free licenses you have available by sending an SMS with the word BALANCE to 3030 .

        6 What are the conditions of use of the Apps?

        Las características mínimas requeridas para el dispositivo móvil para hacer uso de las aplicaciones que se ofrecen en el portal dependerán únicamente de su fabricante, esto excluye totalmente a Tigo de su funcionalidad, ya que la dependencia es del fabricante o desarrollador de la misma aplicación
        Para descargar las aplicaciones del portal el usuario deberá contar con un smartphone con sistema operativo IOS o Android , además el usuario deberá estar conectado a internet haciendo uso del plan de MB que tenga contratado o desde una conexión WiFi. La descarga y uso de las aplicaciones implican consumo de los Mega Bytes salvo que la descarga o uso se realice a través de una red WiFi.
        El uso del servicio estará sujeto a la disponibilidad de cobertura del servicio de Internet 3G o 4G y a la velocidad mínima promedio a la que podrá navegar el cliente, la cual dependerá de la cobertura de la zona donde quiera utilizar el servicio de internet móvil, así como de la categoría del terminal móvil y de las condiciones al momento de la conexión.

        7 So that customers do not apply the Smart Apps?

        Customers who have contracted Ultra Smart plans , customers Smartphone Blackberry or Windows Phone.

        8 What other restrictions have?

        Fixed Invoice Customers may only purchase Easy Stand Alone